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The Benefits

The Benefits
Getting the right work, life and relaxation balance is becoming a bigger responsibility for companies today than it was in the past. As employees tackle more work and longer hours in the office their health and their wellbeing slowly declines. Companies which have previously introduced a wellness program experience a positive, happy, productive and more reliable work team.

Organisations will receive:

  • A reduced amount of sick leave due to the positive benefits a health and wellness program gives back to the mind and body.
  • More motivated and productive employees whilst at work.
  • Staff being able to manage and handle stress at a greater level than before.
  • Return on investment minimal of 2:1 in some cases 20:1


Statistics of Workers

  • 10% of Australian workers are sedentary;
  • 40% do minimal exercise;
  • 12% exercise less than one hour per week
  • 46% have high-fat diets;
  • 92% eat less than the recommended servings of 5-9 serves of fruit & vegetables
  • 21% smoke daily
  • 53% feel overwhelmed with pressure and stress "a significant amount of the time"

How much is this costing your company? 

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